meridian water

We know how to adapt so you can create impact.
Meridian Water Studios is all about options. Intimate black box or vast blank canvas, each of its three stages can adapt to your vision. Whether branded launch or film shoot, we have the set up for not just your talent but also your crew.
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Stage 1

Stage 1 is set for impact. With sound-proofing properties, insulation and full flexibility from setting to seating, it offers quick access to the West Block with private facilities such as dressing rooms and showers.

Stage 2

Equally flexible and insulated with sound-proofing properties, Stage 2 is the little sister of Stage 1 with all the same capabilities and facilities but with the option for an industrial aesthetic. Exit through the back and it's just a short walk to Production Hub 1 with its open plan offices, green room and private boardroom.

Stage 3

Meridian Water Studio's most intimate stage, Stage 3 can easily be transformed into a black box thanks to its dark floors and acoustic black drapes. Fully flexible and insulated with sound-proofing properties, it is fitted with our standard state-of-the-art facilities.

Production Hubs

Located directly behind the stages, Production Hub 1 is purpose-built to inspire creativity and get you show-ready. Bright and airy, the building houses open-plan work spaces with views onto the canal and an accessible green room with a microwave, fridge and freezer.

Our larger hub, Production Hub 2 is split into open-plan work spaces and individual private offices, including fully equipped meeting rooms. Here you will also find our communal café space overseen by our in-house catering team.


Our two on-site workshops are multi-purpose and can be used for set design, carpentry, welding, or prop storage depending on your needs.


Conveniently located, our furnished multi-purpose units are split into East Block and West Block. The units vary in size and have the option of en-suite facilities. Thanks to on-site washers and dryers, they're ideal for wardrobe as well as hair & make-up.


Our spaces can flex to every type of set, shoot, launch or live event. Explore our spaces below and the facilities available within them.